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Written by Catherine Jacobson Neuroscientist, director of clinical research at Tilray


Summary of News Article : Epilepsy and Cannabis Oil: In 2012, when other parents were trading stories about football training or swimming lessons, I was in my garage with a task at hand. I painstakingly measured amounts of a schedule one narcotic so that I could extract the medication for my epileptic son. If one can imagine a mother tinkering with solvents and lab equipment to purify compounds from cannabis to save my son’s life. Already my son has suffered thousands of seizures in his life, and he is only six years old.

cannabis for kids with epilepsy - controls seizuresAlready my son has suffered severe brain damage due to the number of seizures he has experienced. It horrifies me thinking what state he would be in today had we known earlier about this treatment.

The slow pace that clinical research on medical cannabis is proceeding does nothing for the families in distress. There is already overwhelming evidence that components found in cannabis provide significant relief for epilepsy.

While Australia’s Narcotic Drugs Act passed in February which now allows the cultivation of cannabis for medical purpose, the bill does not address distribution, prescription and supply. Medicinal cannabis treatment in Australia remains an illegal drug.

Patients desperate for treatment currently have to travel overseas.
There are some patients right now who haven’t got months or years to wait.

The debate can’t be about whether to provide access. What needs to occur is the enactment of sensible policies to ensure access to safe, well-defined cannabis treatments to those in need.

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Patients, like my son Ben, don’t have time to wait.