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Published by Yahoo News telling the story of an Autistic boy, Kalel Santiago, 9, who spoke his first words shortly after he began cannabis-derived CBD-oil treatments.

MCCA Summary: Kalel Santiago of Puerto Rico, only nine years old, has endured struggles due to Autism. Diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer called neuroblastoma at just ten months of age, he has spent over two years undergoing a variety of treatments including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  Then came the subsequent diagnosis: a severe and non-verbal autism.

Educating themselves thoroughly on autism, the parents looked for other autism treatment options. Trying out different schools and therapies, they eventually found a special surf-therapy school located by their home. An April fundraising event for that program opened their eyes to a treatment soon to change their lives: Hemp oil, rich in the compound cannabidiol (CBD). As it were shown, at least anecdotally, this cannabis treatment would offer the Santiago’s effective therapy, easing the symptoms of both epilepsy and autism.

Taking home a tiny sample bottle of spray, the parents began giving their son twice daily doses, as indicated on the label, right into his mouth. The results, they say, were startling: Kalel began to talk — in only two days.

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