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To derive the best benefit out of your medicinal cannabis treatment, you need to be assured you are getting what you are paying for. CBD (Cannabidiol) is not typically found in the cannabis plant in high percentages; it needs to be specifically grown to produce a higher yield of the CBD cannabinoid. Crude (anything other than pharmaceutical grade) cannabis under analysis will often show the presence of pesticides, solvents, mould, and microbiological contaminants alongside some terpenes and some unidentified compounds. Therefore, smoking cannabis buds is not a recommended administration for the delivery of cannabinoid medicine. By isolating and purifying the active ingredients, you can be ensured of the drugs safety and efficacy. This can only be done with a high level of accuracy through clinical practices.

The process by which the biologically active components of the cannabis plant is extracted and purified is complex and technically challenging. Crude extraction methods utilize solvents such as isopropyl alcohol, hexane or butane.

There are two fundamental flaws that make these processes unsuitable for medical use:

  1. The cannabis plant contains upwards of 80 known cannabinoids all of which are chemically similar. Crude extraction methods are unable to make the distinction between these cannabinoids. These methods are analogous to using a fishing net, some of the desirable products are caught but there is no specification.
  1. The organic solvents used are flammable and in some cases toxic and carcinogenic. Hexane is thought to be toxic to the nervous system and skin, prolonged use can produce target organ damage. Symptoms of butane overexposure include dizziness, headaches, nausea, loss of consciousness and cessation of breathing.

Medical Cannabis Clinic Australia – Just what makes us different?

Medical Cannabis Clinic Australia uses cannabinoids separated using carbon dioxide, the safest and most stable means of extraction. In this separation process, carbon dioxide is pressurised and heated until it reaches its ‘supercritical phase’. In this state the solvent properties of CO2 can be manipulated to selectively extract a particular group of cannabinoids. The final stage of purification is a chromatographic process in which all unwanted cannabinoids are removed. Our strict quality control procedures allow us to produce superior pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis. The cannabinoids are tested using state of the art analytical laboratories for purity and biological contamination. Our medicine is backed by a Certificate of Analysis which will identify both the potency and purity of your cannabinoid medicine.

Medical Cannabis Clinic Australia (MCCA) engages Botanists, Engineers, Pharmacists and Doctors to ensure the purest and safest cannabinoid therapy.Our products are a culmination of the latest research and development in the field and customised to satisfy the needs of individual patients.

Medical Cannabis Australia

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  • No Psychotropic Effects
  • No Contaminants

Contaminants OFTEN found in Medical Cannabis Products and Treatments

  • bacteria
  • mould
  • pathogens
  • microbiological contaminants
  • fungi
  • pesticides
  • insecticides
  • yeast
  • e-coli
  • moisture
  • neurotoxins
  • aerobic bacteria
  • enterobacteria

Whats that doing in my medicine?

aflatoxins represent contaminants found in crude cannabis products
  • Peniccullium – Exposure has been known to cause harsh allergic reactions in patients who have a sensitivity to penicillin.
  • Yeast – A group of microorganisms determined to have pathogenic and allergenic responses. Should be avoided by those with a deficient Immune System.
  • Alternaria – This is a plant pathogen and allergen that causes hay fever and has the potential to cause asthma. Exposure to this pathogen can cause a patient to worsen immune system deficiencies.
  • Aspergillus – For humans, this is considered one of the most deadly of mould contaminants. Some of these species produce in large quantities aflatoxin which is both a toxin and carcinogen.
  • Spinosyns – new group of pesticides
  • Cladosporium – Plant pathogen that causes a decreased cannabis yield and quality. Contains the most common variants of moulds and generates no mycotoxins. Having too much exposure to this pathogen can cause pneumonia and asthma attacks in some patients.
  • Avermectins - Microbial based pesticides that effect neural transmissions.
  • Organophosphates and Carbamates – Insecticides that are neurotoxins
  • Pyethoids – Insecticide
  • Synthetic pesticides
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